Monday, December 31, 2012

End of the Year

We hope you all had a great Christmas this year! 2012 was a year filled with dispair and joy alike.
If you could for a moment remember the children killed in Newtown several weeks ago. Why someone would commit such a senseless act, especially upon innocent children, will be forever unknown to me. Gun regulation must be passed to help prevent this from happening again, and with cooperation starting in the Houses, such a regulation may actually come true.

Many Middle Eastern countries rose up against their dictators, calling for freedom and democracy. Many succeded, but the Syrian conflict is still ongoing. Many have died, and the whole world is watching to see what will happen next.

President Obama was reelected for another term. I wont say anything else due to potential murder by Taylor.

Gangnam Style topped one billion views on Youtube, and is still growing. Nobody ever expected a BILLION views. Especially in the 5 months since it was posted, Justin Bieber trails behind at 850 million for Baby, but this song was released several years ago.

Yeah, 2012 sucked and it shined. Here's hoping 2013 will be better, especially for us....

Definitely for me.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Yep, Its official. We are on our Christmas Break as of today. Woohoo! We are all excited to be out so we don't have our brains fried by mountains of confusing homework and tests. It seems all we do as 8th graders is take tests, so it takes a toll after a while...

So, the trending topics. Obama won Time's Person of the Year award today. Now, Taylor is a strong Republican, so she gets angry at the very mention of his name. I, however, am a supporter of said person because he is our president, after all. You may not like the guy, but at least respect the position...
I'm happy he won the award, as it is a great achievement, especially when he is one of like 3 black men to win the award.
And in the wake of the tragedy in Connecticut, Obama gave a strong speech on gun regulation in Newtown, and enlisted Vice President Biden to take action. Now everyone is getting their panties in a wad because they think he is going to take all of our guns away. NOT TRUE!!!! It is just completely unnecessary to own a semi automatic weapon. All they do is give you that "cool factor". In the old days, guns took a while to load one shot. The person firing the gun had to think about his shot, knowing he would end a life with it. With our modern guns, it makes it easier to kill more people without a second thought.
The fact is: Obama doesn't want to get rid of guns completely. He just wants more restrictions on the type of gun and to make it a little more difficult to get a gun, so that this tragedy doesn't happen again.

And don't even talk about arming the teachers. They will pull out the guns when we pack up early.. *coughcough*My science teacher*coughcough*

Monday, December 17, 2012

Tests and the End of the World

Hey, I'm Logan, another contributor to this AWESOME blog. I am the same Logan from Dead Battery Studios, go check it out. <--- don't :P

Anyways, we all have finals for the next two days. I really don't understand the point of these tests. Ohhh, see I think they are fine, cuz ya know some of us don't studying and pass:P lucky ussss!!Throughout the year, we learn large amounts of knowledge( you spelled that wrong)  most of it irrelevant (helllo fanciness!!) Oh gosh I just clicked a random button!! utoh! to our futures. But to ask us to remember something we did the first week of school? Rediculous. Most kids get stressed anyways over these tests, which for us is 20% of our grade. If teachers wanted to know if we learned something or not, they should look at our grades from the whole semester, not this one test.

Of course, we are going to do fine anyways, so why am I so stressed about it?

I dunno.

And everyone saying how the world is going to end. Seriously? People thought the world would end in October 2011, and look what happened then.
So all of this stuff about "Buy supplies to prepare" and "Give us your money to protect"(no joke I got an email about this) are lies!
edited officially by the awesomest person! Love ya!- Taylor

Sunday, December 16, 2012


Now, this year we have had many hardships and killings. But I don't understand why we are all blaming these problems on guns. As said on Mr. Larson's shirt in Happy Gilmore, (he is that huge guy that threatens shooter. Also sorry for the reference, I was watching Happy today:)) "Guns don't kill people, I kill people." So it's not the guns that kill people; it is the people. And it was said that these people that did pursue killing people  in Colorado and Connecticut were diagnosed with some problems... So my question is, "HOW DID THEY GET GUNS IN THE FIRST PLACE?" And why are we all saying guns are bad, which they aren't if they are in a SECURE ENVIRONMENT (hint hint)? Now I am positive all y'all know about these shootings, so I'm not going to go into detail and say sorry (which I am) because I think everyone on Facebook has already covered that, thank you.

Your point is?

Well the other day I was texting my one friend Nathan, and he said I was being stupid. At the same time I was still confused and since I replied with the same question, and am blonde he said the "well you're blonde so you do have an excuse for being stupid." My reply was "you're black, so what's your point?" Which thus caused him to say "you're racist". Now, what get's me is many blacks say "you're racist" whenever something like this happens, and I don't really understand how stating his race is racist! Especially since he implied that since I was blonde I was stupid! What is with American society and these double standards?!

Don't get me wrong, Nathan is the sweetest person you will ever meet! He is like a teddy bear! So much so Cynthia and I fight over him and his cuteness! I just though that this was a funny conversation and wanted to share!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Erds and Nerds

Today, finially, I am starting my blog. I keep thinking about it everyday but I constantly don't seem to have the time. It's always sleep, eat, homework, sleep, eat, school, and so on. But today I am starting... But I'm going to just write about my previous weeks just so I won't feel bad if I leave something out. I also am constantly feeling bad for burdening my friends about talking about minor stuff.

hopefully this will help my writing, the only thing is my writing has a problem with organization .. I really am bad at organizing my mind! I write like how I speak.... CRAZY!! I really do hope though that this would help me with my writing...

We will start backwards through the days.... Today I'm getting my hair cut. It seems fun, but one of my friends really wants me to get it cut a certain way... and I don't know if I'm really feeling it... I have problems with listening to people... And yes, I can admit it. I think I might get it cut this way... I'm sorry Cynthia!!

I really don't know... I'm the makeup girl of the group... She is ALL about hair!! literally!! haha! Well today I am also going to bathe the dog! aggh so much work! I know... I am quite lazy!!

 Last night my mom and I cleaned our basement, it now looks great!! But my bro is now gonna get in trouble because that is his main place to hang out and sleep and it was trashed! so he is gonna have some issues when he comes home!! Friday during the day I went to school, we had a test in our math class over inequalities! Something that we learned in 6th grade! Let's see how we all do, Michelle and Carol seemed pretty stressed over it! We also had a super hard science test! I feel not so great about it! We also had this lame party for 20 minutes, yep. that's all the free time we get folks, and then back to prison! I think in prison they even get more time for lunch than us!

On Thursday... oh gosh...  What happened on Thursday... Ohh we had a SAT word test... and I doubt I remember the words.... Okay, so they were stoic, stolid, obsequious, palpable, redress, tangible, yeah.. I forgot the rest... But I got a good grade on it, so yay!! Oh gosh, why am I even bothering to write all of this?!?!

On Tuesday we had a band concert.. It was interesting to say the least...Ohh.. by the way, I play flute and I am last chair in case all y'all were wondering... I think everyone in band can agree, ever since 6th grade band we are now all def..

Oh yeah... and we (meaning Cynthia and I, you might eventually meet her) created some new words in the past few weeks, lucky you I wrote some stories and words down to tell whichever person that has nothing better to do than to read this will hear about. Did that last sentence even make sense? Well I forgot most of them... But I am kinda upset, there is this kid (isn't there always?) that I gave my number to, like it's no big deal right? But you'd expect if you gave someone your number they would at least text you!? GRR!! I know it is rude to grr... but oh well! And it's not like I'm like scary obsessed or anything, it's just this person seems interesting and it annoys me when someone doesn't do what I would expect them to do! (yes this is a boy who I kinda like, but still?!?!)

Okay, so let's skip to Tuesday the fourth!! Yeah, I just apparently forget every other day! But on this Tuesday was the Orchestra concert.. It was quite good, yet I think a little too long.... No offence! But I think they sounded better than us! BOO D:!!

Some random words I forgot to remember the stories behind: Boxes, Lights, and Burrp! Don't ask me why. I have no clue! well I'mma go... Cuz I really am too lazy... I might try to write more since this is my first post and I always think the beginning and end are the hardest! Also there was a point to the title, but I forgot.